PHOENIX MOBILITY Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL), also known as Porch Lifts, are a great lift option for indoor and outdoor access. Whether you are having fun summer barbeque, a simple get together on a deck, or gaining access into a home, a VPL or Porch Lift offers you full access to your home and yard without the burden of transferring out of your power chair, scooter, or wheelchair. The PHOENIXMOBILITY VPL series offers a variety of indoor or outdoor lift options. It is available for commercial and residential applications and comes in open and enclosed configurations.  Customize a PHOENIX Vertical Platform Lift in the right configuration for you. Built with quality and pride.


PHOENIX! for the best price, quality, guarantee and service on PHOENIXMobility Wheelchair Elevators.  Wheel Chair Porch Lifts are so easy to use, you are going to wonder how you ever made getting in and out of your home so difficult.  Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL's) are designed to easily go up and down at the simple touch of your hand, making getting in and out of your home easy.  Select a mobility scooter or powerchair vertical platform porch PHOENIX Mobility lift for your personal use, and take a health break.

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PHOENIX Mobility VPL 3100 Vertical Platform Lift

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PHOENIX PL-50 Porch Lift
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PHOENIX Mobility Handicapped Accessibility Disabled Lift

Make your home or business friendly for people with mobility challenges with a PHOENIXMOBILITY svertical platform lift. People in scooters and wheelchairs will appreciate the vertical platform lift's smooth, quiet ride as they travel from one level to another. PHOENIX wheelchair lifts offer access up to 14-feet.

sosmobility vertical platform lift sos wheelchair porchliftIf you or someone in your home uses a wheelchair, moving from room to room presents a challenge. Access to upper and lower levels, both indoors and outdoors, is difficult without relying on some type of assistance. Residential wheelchair lifts give you the freedom and convenience to move around your home. Whether you are in a wheelchair, have trouble with stairs or are operating a scooter PHOENIX can help you with your accessibility challenges.  PHOENIX Mobility Wheelchair lifts are convenient and compact.  Residential wheelchair lifts raise you from the ground up and are easy to install. The compact design of a PHOENIXMOBILITY is an attractive alternative to cumbersome ramps, which take up significant living space. A home wheelchair lift is an affordable solution and quickly puts you back in control without having to invest in costly home renovations.  Smooth, quiet transitions to any space. PHOENIX Wheelchair VPL Vertical Platform lifts for your home are safe and eliminate the need to transition in and out of your wheelchair, particularly in rooms with limited space.  Ask about commercial and ADAcompliant platform lifts that provide a smooth, secure move from floor to floor and can elevate as high as 14 feet to circumvent troublesome stairwells.

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